I know what it's like...

My first digital camera was a Christmas gift from my husband. I imagined taking beautiful portraits of our kids and family, documenting so many important and exciting events, and creating stores of treasured memories, framed in perfect compositions and, of course, impeccably lit and focused. The excitement of receiving such a great gift was soon trumped by the realization that I didn’t have a clue how to use it! Like you, I had a dream of taking amazing pictures and just wanted someone to tell me what camera settings to use. My frustration quickly turned to obsession, as I poured countless hours of myself into learning photography. (I’m pretty sure my well-intentioned husband regretted giving me the camera at this point - I was attached to it 24-7!)

Today, I not only have a passion for taking portraits and creating art for my clients and our family, but also a passion for teaching others how to capture better photos for their loved ones too.


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