"If you enjoy taking pictures on any level, this class will help you to take better photos as well as spark your desire to learn more. It is in a small and relaxed setting making it easy to ask questions. Kristin is very professional but very approachable. Her instruction is easy to follow without being intimidating or overly technical. And it was a lot of fun!!"
" #bestclassever!! This class taught me so much! I find myself using the lessons I learned while I look for that "just right" angle and lighting! Thank you!"
"Kristin is the bombdotcome! I took her beginner's photography class recently and have become OBSESSED with my camera. She's an excellent teacher - I went from 0% to solely shooting in manual mode, all thanks to her! I seriously recommend the class to any beginner - I'm so grateful for her instruction."
"This class is a *must* if you want to take quality photos. I was scared of my camera prior to taking this class. Now, I have become more comfortable with the settings and taken control of my camera instead of allowing it to "think for itself." In addition, I learned some tricks for working with the photo subjects and what to look for to improve my images."
"It's well worth every penny! I couldn't get off "automatic" on my camera and now I'm able to take better pictures on manual. Not only did I learn so much, but it was fun as well. I am actually going to sign my mother-in-law up for the class as a Christmas gift. Hand down, the best photography class. This class exceeded my expectations!!"
“It’s so worth it! It forces you to sit down and learn the basics because we all know if it was up to us we would never read the manual on our own. The class was a great condensed summary of all the important things it would take hours and hours to research on your own.”
“That it is a must take for anyone who has a camera and doesn’t know how to use it, or wants to figure out how to take great pictures!”
“You did an excellent job covering the basics....perfect for beginners to understand. Just learning what the “thing a majigs” on my camera are for has made a huge difference. Yes, I could have read my manual, but you put it in simple terms!”
"Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! The Beginners Photography Class was excellent! It was fun and engaging and I learned so much. My girls *may* be getting tired of me taking pictures of them already, but I can’t resist because the photos are so much prettier now that my camera is off auto. I so enjoyed the class and meeting you. You have a talent for making complicated concepts seem simple and I appreciate you making this Momma able to preserve some little, big moments. Thanks again!"
“Working with our “live models” and hearing what settings Kristin was using at any given moment. I also loved the presentation and how we were given a packet along with her powerpoint presentation. It was very organized and easy to follow. I also didn’t have to worry about taking notes feverishly.. she had the pertinent points written out for us so we didn’t need to do that.”
“It was great to simply learn what all the buttons and meters on my camera are since I’ve never bothered to read the manual. It was also useful to learn that certain lenses are only capable of so much. Learning aperture has changed my whole world of photography.”
If you are ready to take control of your camera and start taking great pictures, then the Beginners Photography Class was made for you! Get Started