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Christmas Morning Photo Tips

With these 4 easy photo tips, you will be able to perfectly capture the excitement, while enjoying Christmas Morning with your family! Be Prepared.  Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT wait until the kids are running down the stairs to start figuring our your camera settings.   Be prepared and get your camera settings tested […]

Get Down

One way that you can add more variety and interest to your photos is to look for different angles to shoot. Don’t get stuck at one angle! Typically parents will take photos standing above their child and photographing them at a downward angle. My favorite way to photograph children is to get down on the […]

4 Tricks to Look Better on Camera

look slimmer on camera

Did you eat a little too much turkey on Thanksgiving, haven’t lost the baby weight or maybe just feel like you’re not very photogenic?  I will raise my hand to all 3 of those! As a professional photographer, I meet a lot of people who don’t want to be in front of the camera because they […]