Christmas Morning Photo Tips

With these 4 easy photo tips, you will be able to perfectly capture the excitement, while enjoying Christmas Morning with your family!

  • Be Prepared.  Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT wait until the kids are running down the stairs to start figuring our your camera settings.   Be prepared and get your camera settings tested and nailed before the Santa chaos begins.  This is also a great time to get some detail shots of the presents under the tree.

Camera Settings Tip: Shooting indoors can be very dark, you will want to use a higher ISO to help your camera see  the available light.

  • Open Up.  Get as much natural light as possible into your home by opening up all your window coverings.  Besides a beautiful glowing Christmas tree, turn off bright ambient lights, like overhead lighting.
  • Back it Up.  This one sounds like no brainer, but is often missed.  You want your children’s faces to be well lit, so face them towards the window.  Just remember, put your back is to the window, without blocking the light.
  • Be in the Moment. Don’t forget, its OK to put your camera DOWN and be in the moment with your families!  Merry Christmas!
photo tips and tricks for Christmas

Sloane | Christmas Morning 2012 - I cannot believe this was last year! She looks like a baby to me and is now such a big girl. Still a girl who loves jewelry and sweets - that's Christmas morning cinnamon rolls all over her mouth!

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