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Valentine's Day is this friday!  If you have kids you will probably be frantically running to the store to purchase some pre-made cartoon cards for their classroom parties, wishing you had time to make all those elaborate valentines you've been eyeing on Pinterest.  Ain't nobody got time for that! So I thought I would share how to make these sweet and easy photo valentines from Minted, so you will be prepared next year.  They are cheap, quick to put together, and so so cute.  Plus my kids loved making them!

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First things first, you need to gather your supplies.

photo valentine // boxes of conversation hearts // Scotch permanent double sided tape // bakers twine // sharpie

(you can get your own photo valentines from Minted by clicking here)

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 Next, simply place a piece of double sided tape to the back of your photo card and stick it to a box of conversation hearts.   I love the Scotch permanent tape best for this.

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 Once all of your photos are taped to the candy boxes, cut a piece of bakers twine and wrap it around the sweet little package, tying a bow.

I found my bakers twine at Target but you can find some at any craft store.

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And Voila! You have an adorable valentine for your kids to give to all of their friends and it only took a couple of minutes!

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 I usually have some left over valentines and love to pass them out to the grandparents.  Its almost more fun than sending Christmas cards!

 (These sweet valentines come with envelopes but please note, they are too small to mail using USPS.  I like to just hand deliver mine.)

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My kids had such a fun afternoon making their own personalized Valentines!

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