Taking product photos that make you more money!

I believe that some business owners underestimate the importance of good photography in branding their businesses. Researchers have found that the brain makes decisions in just a 20th of a second of viewing a webpage. One way to grab their attention is with great photography. Great photos increase engagement and interactions as well as sell more products.  I don’t just mean your websites; I’m talking social too.

With these 5 easy tips, you will be on your way to taking better product pictures in no time!

  1. Make sure to set up near a good light source. Open all blinds and curtains (even doors if its warm enough outside). Notice where the light streams in your location (not the bright harsh sun, but soft indirect light) and place your product there.
  2. Turn off all overhead lighting and lamps so you are working 100% with natural lighting. Mixed lighting can cause weird shadows as well as color issues.
  3. Set your white balance by using a preset matching your lighting conditions or by using custom white balance. If you shoot in RAW you can adjust your white balance settings in an editing program such as Lightroom. Shooting in JPEG saves the color settings at the time of shooting and makes it more difficult to adjust the image color later.
  4. Place your focus point on your product. Spotlight your product by composing, using the rule of thirds (Not sure what the “rule of thirds” is?  It’s tip #4 from the Top 10 Tips for Better Picturesget all 10 tips here).
  5. Get creative with set ups other than the product laying flat. Hanging the product, using other objects to stack the product on or using a model are great ways to add to the shot. Just make sure your product is the obvious subject.


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